The success of innovation and the respect for tradition

Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa, known in Italy for the Casa Sant’Orsola winery, and in the world through the Canti brand, is amongst the largest Italian family-run winemakers. Since 1947, the company has demonstrated constant growth, attributed to the twin values on which it was built: innovation without fear coupled with a strong respect and remembrance for tradition. The most modern oenological technology and techniques are adapted to prime materials that are knowledgeably selected from local Piedmontese vineyards or sourced from the best cooperatives from other regions. The final result of this Piedmontese mastery in the art of winemaking is a product that seduces and rewards the senses. The complete range of Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa wines is made up of different brands: Casa Sant’Orsola, Canti, 35Parallelo, Collezione Marchesini and Il Cortigiano, each representing an aspect of Italian-ness on dining tables the world over.

Total Quality as a guide

Quality is a fundamental concept for Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa in everything it sets out to do; it has been this way from the company’s origins, but in the 90s the concept was officialised into proper guidelines. Since then, all investments have had the primary goal to achieve and guarantee the highest quality possible.
Total Quality is:
Quality of the raw materials
Quality of the productive process
Quality of absolute safety
Quality of technology
Quality of a sustainable environment
Quality of marketing and customer service.

Nothing is neglected, not even the smallest of details like the choice of ornamental trees for the offices. Why? Because Quality - true, total quality - is built from the very founding stones of a company, from the environment where the product is conceived and born.

Raw materials at the center of everything

Raw materials are the starting point, and their careful selection is key to producing great quality wines; they are selected with care through two different business models. For Piedmont, where the production plants are located, the supply chain is controlled directly by Martini Secondo Luigi spa’s team of agronomists. Over 1200 families located throughout lower piedmont grow the grapes with love, dedication and the company’s support before handing them to the expert hands of the company’s oenologists after the harvest. The group respects the earth and its laws, but also knows the most refined methods to guarantee the highest quality levels. For wines coming from other Italian regions, the company adopts a different model and works through long-standing relations with cooperative located throughout the country. Thanks to solid agreements it can guarantee the purchase of the best grapes and must from each region, controlling their quality on location directly through the work of its own oenologists. Two different approaches for one result: great Italian wines that satisfy customer palates in absolute safety.

The new bottling line

At the beginning of 2017, a brand new bottling line was completed. It is one of the most innovative in Europe. To the side, you can see the complete line and an interesting time-lapse of the installation process.

Innovating in the respect of historical heritage

An excellent raw material is the starting point for Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa’s production process. A process that is the result of innovation that completely respects the rules of Piedmont’s great winemaking traditions. The winery boasts cutting-edge machinery that places the best technology available in the hands of the company’s oenologists so that they may extract the very best that each grape is capable of giving. A large cold-storage facility and the best vinification technology guarantee a continuous and flexible production that is always geared towards excellence. The quality standards are extremely high and follow rigid protocols to ensure only the best in the final result. The woods used in ageing are carefully selected and used to exalt each wine; the packaging is carefully designed to, above all, enhance and preserve the nectar they contain.

100% Safety

The entire production chain, from the raw materials to the final product, has to meet the company’s rigid quality standards that do not leave any space to mishaps. The grapes, glass, corks, labels, people, environment, processes, final product and storage all follow specific protocols that guarantee absolute quality and swift traceability to the end consumer.

The futuristic headquarters

Excellent results must by necessity come from a place defined by excellence itself. The Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi headquarters is located in the heart of Langhe, in Cossano Belbo where it has been since its beginnings. Currently, the headquarters is at the center of an ambitious expansion and modernisation project by star architect Piero Lissoni that will redefine the plant as an example of Total Quality in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. The concept at the base of this project is that of “open architecture,” integrating the building with the surrounding territory to improve upon sustainability and work processes. The project has already produced a new, highly-efficient high-speed bottling line for sparkling wines; a colossal automatised warehouse; a full-service logistics center that will be completed with the addition of new highly technological lines; and a majestic park that will bestow harmony upon the ongoing frenetic work that takes place. The area is set to be transformed into a true residential zone that will bring great benefits to the employees, their work and all the community.


The market has become truly global, and the company has grasped the opportunity to expand in 5 continents with an export distribution that services 60 countries and accounts for around 90% of the its turnover. Wherever we find the love of fine wines, we find Fratelli Martini, often represented by the Canti brand - innovative fusion of made in Italy quality and creative marketing - which has become true ambassador to “il Bel Paese” thanks to its unique style that draws from the world of fashion. The company is not intimidated by long distances and it keenly pushes to consolidate existing markets while entering new, emerging ones.

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