Eleonora and Gianni Martini introduce their companies.

Our companies and their success are the result of a passion that was born over sixty years ago, and is still alive today, with the same force and dedication.

Gianni Martini

I Marchi Fratelli Martini
Le nostre Aziende

Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi Spa, one of Italy’s largest, family-run wine producers, exemplifies the Martini family’s success, and its very founding brought about the realization of the family’s great winemaking dream. It was 1947 when Secondo Martini, Gianni’s father, alongside his brother Luigi, decided to transform the passion for their homeland, Le Langhe, into a business and thus founded the company. In the ‘70s with the entrance into the company of Gianni Martini, the president to this day, Fratelli Martini begins its international expansion, which will result in its continued success. An expansion that has gained additional momentum thanks to Eleonora, Gianni’s daughter, who has brought a fresh rush of energy and a feminine touch upon her joining the company in 2011. The company is headquartered in Cossano Belbo, its historic location, and today is engaged in an ambitious modernisation and expansion project in perfect harmony with its surrounding natural beauties. The company’s portfolio includes a number of different brands that see distribution all across the globe: Casa Sant’Orsola in Italy; CANTI, the Italian ambassador in the world; Collezione Marchesini; 35 Parallelo and il Cortigiano.



The constant and tireless wine production of the companies headed by the Martini family is managed by three locations in Piedmont: Cossano Belbo, Neive and Castel di Serra. Although not physically close to one another, the three production sites share the same excellence standards distinctive of Martini’s know-how. The Cossano Belbo headquarters feature a modern and technologically advanced site managed by a team of highly qualified oenologists, capable of meeting the most disparate of production challenges with efficiency and quality. The site is currently undergoing a modernisation and expansion project that aims to improve quality standards across the board all the while seamlessly integrating with the surrounding natural beauty of the land. Cossano Belbo is where most of the business is managed; the main logistics site is here, as well as the automised storage depot and the officers of both the sales management and customer care divisions. The modern production site at Neive, situated on the the rolling hills of Barbaresco, is specialised in the production of great quality Piedmont wines. It is a small facility, but the technology is cutting edge, as is the expertise of the staff that produce an excellent wines in small batches. The winery of Castel, on the enchanting Gavi hills, is highly specialised in the production of the wines most evocative of its terroir Gavi DOC and Gavi DOCG. Martini’s choice to make use of a local production site for its precious Gavi wines is not merely to be in full compliance with regulations, which require Gavi to be produced on location, but is driven by the will to preserve its terroir and nature by ensuring that the lovingly grown Cortese grapes are moved as little as possible and are given the chance to express their very best. The site, as the others, is distinguished by high quality and production standards.


“Great quality rests in the love and attention given to the smallest of things, every detail is key in completing a masterpiece.” Eleonora Martini’s words perfectly capture the philosophy that drives the four vineyards owned by the family, and which she oversees personally. The vineyards, each distinguished by buildings of great historical value and enviable aesthetics, represent the essence of quality and beauty. Positioned in areas best suited for the great wines of souther Piedmont, Villa Lanata in Cossano Belbo, Cascina lo Zoccolaio in Barolo, La Toledana in Gavi and Cascina Doria in Castel di Serra, the wineries are precious jewels of contemporary winemaking. Each produces a small selection of high quality local wines like Moscato D’Asti, Barolo, Barbera d’Alba, and Gavi di Gavi. The grapes are cultivated with dedicated passion throughout their growth cycle, and the surrounding nature is cared and nurtured for so that it may offer the best possible fruits. Production follows slow and scrupulous harmonious processes in perfect accordance with tradition. Eleonora follows every step of the vineyards work, and with her sophisticated touch she has further enhanced the beauty and charm of the villas found here so they resemble film locations of past times. Everything here exudes poetry, and these vineyards’ wines glow like precious gems inside their chalices.

Directions to Lo Zoccolaio

Directions to Villa Lanata

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Canti Vineyards is the company that manages the 35 hectares owned by CANTI, which produce the brands beloved wines. Eleonora Martini oversees the company personally, not simply as its president, but following with dedication every aspect and detail of the work carried out here, from the agricultural to the development of its unique, fashionable, and unusual - for the world of wines - image. The philosophy that Eleonora has outlined, and the CANTI Vineyards team has wholeheartedly adopted, is that of the “slow approach.” A belief in craftsmanship, slow processes, and harmonic respect for nature’s rhythms. There are no man-made deadlines, and everything follows the natural flow of things, which results in the highest quality of the wines produced. Eleonora, following her experience in the fashion industry in Milan, chose this radical, spontaneous and real approach knowing that only a natural process that begins with the work done in the vineyard, with the grapes, can truly change the experience for the final product. CANTI Vineyards owns two estates, il Saulino and La Burela, alongside the various vineyards dedicated to the production of regional oenological masterpieces and positioned in the best of Piedmontese winemaking areas such as Mango, Castino, Monforte, and Cossano Belbo Il Saulino, in Novi Ligure an area dedicated to the production of great Gavi, counts 10 hectares and a historical farmhouse immersed in a charming and mysterious land where nature has not yet given way to man. It is here that the famous, and loved the world over, Gavi Canti is born. La Burela is a rural farmhouse surrounded by 25 hectares of vineyards at Cossano Belbo, it is here that the yellow gold of the Langhe, Moscato d’Asti, has its deepest roots.

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